Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend update

This weekend just went by so fast. Friday night was quiet, we just stayed home and relaxed. Saturday I had plans for the Indie I Do wedding show (it was excellent by the way) with my sister-in-law and just before I popped out the door I got a call saying one of my cousins and her daughter had popped in for a quick visit. It was great to see them! My cousin has two drop dead gorgeous teenage daughters and they all seem to have such a great relationship with each other. I always enjoy visiting with them. My cousin and I were really close when we were kids, she lived on a pretty little farm close to were we lived and we had so much fun there when we were young. There were horses and cows and sometimes pigs. There was lots of room to run around and a big old tree with a swing that I spent hours and hours on. I loved riding horses and we got to do that quite a lot. I got to ride Dusty, she was old and reluctant and had terrible gas and she used to try to scrape me off her back under the pear trees. I'm not remembering for sure if Dusty was a girl or a boy, one thing Dusty and I knew for sure was that I was not the one in charge and she only wanted to be left alone and in the barn. If we were out in the back field and she turned around and saw the barn she would just take off running towards it and there wasn't much I could do but hold on. I landed on my ass more than once but never really got badly hurt and I loved every minute.
Saturday we went to The Railway Club for the Rockabilly jam and then to a friends place out in Burnaby to visit and discuss band projects. The jam was really fun and it turned out to be Bob Smith's birthday and that was very cool! Bob Smith was turning 89 and everyone was there to cheer him on. When he turned 85 the mayor of Vancouver came down and pronounced it Bob Smith Day. Bob is just a lovely man who comes to the jam every week and dances the ladies all around the joint. He loves to dance and he knows his stuff, his grandson is one of the best players I know, Scott Smith and he came down to play a few tunes and blew us all away.
Sunday, our friend Robin came by quite early as she had been running around all morning while we were fast asleep. We decided to go out into the sunny day and get a bite to eat. After a bit of scrambling around trying to find a restaurant that wasn't full we ended up at The Reef for cocktails and brunch. The picture above shows a Mojito a Greyhound and a Passion fruit Mimosa, yes, it was yummy.
I then went to the mall and bought some stuff for myself and boring house stuff then back home and to the grocery, home again, made dinner sat on my ass after that and didn't really do much else.
Oh yes, I think we may have settled on a date for the wedding. I'll talk about that in another post.
I am off to spend the day with T, the sun is shining and I am really looking forward to seeing her.
Happy Monday Y'all!
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Blonde Goddess said...

i can't wait to hear about the wedding!

My Little Corner said...

You have the best childhood memories!

Sounds like another great weekend -yay you

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