Friday, August 29, 2008

Now what?

We have had plans for the long weekend since the beginning of the summer. They all went for shit. Superman's come down with his annual "public transit virus". It seems to happen every year, when the weather changes and he takes the bus in to work as opposed to riding his bike. Buses are just huge germ pods and it seems like the change of season brings that first virus on for him every time. Soooo.....

I have the time off and the road trip vehicle at my disposal, I must figure out something to do. It's tons of fun road tripping in this car! Her name is Big Momma and she drives like a dream, is super comfy to be in and load up with luggage or gear or anything else for that matter. She also gets a lot of attention. There's no flipping people off or aggressive driving in a car with big pink flowers and the name of your business plastered all over it. But that's okay, it's worth it to see the reaction when you drive by little kids and women who are interested in the shop. We have even had men come up to the window of the car and ask for business cards for their wives. Best advertising dollars we have ever spent.
I just don't know what a girl can possibly plan at the last minute on a long weekend. I don't have reservations for anything or any idea were I might end up. It's kind of exciting as long as I do something with this time.
Any ideas?

1 comment:

My Little Corner said...

Now when I see that car I think of your story of driving through Lanlgey and "but I'm not mad"... tee hee. Sorry, no fabulous suggestions for the long weekend but I know you'll find something great that we'll all bang our heads with our palms and say "why didn't I think of that?"

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