Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why were the elephants thrown out of the swimming pool?

A: Because they couldn't hold their trunks up!

We went to the pool this morning in the drizzling rain. It was chilly but so few people and once we got in the water it was warm and cozy in the. You have to keep moving though, otherwise the chilly catches up with you. With no alluring sunshine to distract from the workout I feel like I worked a little harder than usual. This summer has been great for me as far as getting off my ass and getting some exercise. I feel myself getting stronger every day and I love the way my body is starting to feel and look. Swimming is the perfect sport for me. I have always loved the water and learned to be a strong swimmer at a young age.

I have plans to start swimming at a new ozone pool in Burnaby when the outdoor pool shuts down in the fall. It's about 20 minutes away, about the same distance as Kits pool is from my house. Why would I drive 20 minutes away when I have a community pool 2 blocks away from my home? The big problems I have with the older, closer pool is cleanliness and chemicals. The old pool always feels dirty to me. I don't know if they just don't care anymore or if it's just impossible to keep clean due to the age of the facility. I have a real problem with big hunks of hair all over the shower floor and general unclean conditions when I am wandering around the change room. The whirlpool has a permanent foam of cast off cosmetics, creams and skin that floats by under my chin. No Sir, I don't care for it. It gives me the willies.

The new pool is clean and pristine, it's well laid out and bright, the pool itself is large with great lanes and lots of room for fooling around if your not doing laps. There is also a children's area that is away from the main area and a hot tub that doesn't make you feel like you're taking a bath with a bunch of strangers. The best part is the pool is cleaned with ozone as opposed to chlorine. It's easier on the skin, hair, eyes and swimsuit, and I like all of those things to remain, soft, supple, clear and intact in that order. Next week I will be purchasing some training flippers and will probably break down and start wearing the swim cap I've been carrying in my bag all summer. Between the ear plugs, the swim cap, the goggles and the flippers and of course the swim suit it is clear to me that accessories will once again play a fairly large role in my morning workout. That's okay, I love to accessorize!

Oh ya, I think I may have committed to a 3 day a week fitness "boot camp" starting in the fall too. I hate the name "boot camp", it's all the rage now but I think it only conjures up thoughts of suffering, doing push ups in a mud puddle and getting yelled at by someone way fitter and bigger than I am. That is something that scares the shit out of me but that's just not enough of a reason not to do it. I have been reassured that it won't be like that.

I will keep you posted.

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