Friday, August 15, 2008

You're a real live outlaw, aren't ya?"

We watched Thelma and Loise the other night. I don't think I had seen it since the year it came out. That was 1991 and it was pretty fun to see the big hair and high waisted jean, cowgirl fashion of the early 90's and of course Brad Pitt so young and pretty.

The tag line for that movie is "Somebody said get a life... so they did". I have to say I really enjoyed it this time around too and had forgotten a lot of the funny bits like when Thelma comes into the diner after having hot sex with Brad Pitt's character and she's all silly and excited and Loise says "You finally got laid properly, I'm so proud."

Or when Thelma says to J.D. (Brad Pitt), "You're a real live outlaw, aren't ya?" And he says, "Well I may be an outlaw, darlin', but you're the one stealing my heart." How on earth could he say that with a straight face?

Then there's the ending, I don't think I am ruining it for anyone here but that ending is so unsatisfying and just....over. And I forgot all about the kiss they give each other before they decide to "keep going". The dvd we had had some special features, the making of the movie and commentary and stuff. It also had something called Extended Alternative Ending!!! We refused to watch it. All I could think of was maybe they were going to show the car hitting the canyon floor??? How could you extend that ending I wonder? More chasing, more goodbyes? More flying through the air? Some things are better left alone.

I have to say, I have some pretty strong relationships with my women friends and that is something I really relate to in this movie. Would I kill someone for a friend or go on the run from the law? May I never have to ask myself that question for real. Would I go on a road trip in a '66 Thunderbird and stop off at a roadhouse for some 90's line dancing and pick up Brad Pitt even though I know he's not really a student trying to get back to school??

Well hell ya!

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K8 the Gr8 said...

This flick is one of the cornerstones of my friendship with my buddy (Also called Louise so you can guess who I was!)

I just love saying 'The radio, Louise, shoot the radio!' Whenever she plays Bon Jovi.

I love this film so much.

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