Monday, August 25, 2008

Team- No Babies!

I wrote this comment on a friends blog and I thought I would share it here. She is in her early 30's and definitely doesn't want babies. She has struggled with different birth contol and been on the pill for many years. She has always known she doesn't want kids and her husband agrees. Her doctor refuses to tie her tubes because she might change her mind.
You can go here to read her words.

Here's my comment...

Makes me so mad!I never understood why CHOOSING not to have babies isn’t celebrated. I mean, for every person I know who accidentally got pregnant or whose baby making decision was based on “let’s see what happens”, for all the people who got pregnant to fix a relationship or attach themselves to a partner, or just figured “it’s just one more” or “I always wanted 5 kids” or had one more to keep the only child company, more thought is put into getting a pet.Why don’t we get a fucking parade?? I mean seriously, we should be having No-Baby Showers, you can buy us trips to adult only resorts, whisky and cigarettes and bottles of toxic cleaners that we can store on easy to access bottom shelves.I don’t care what your choice is but if it’s No Babies it should be respected and appreciated. Last time I checked we still had a choice but it seems like very few people actually make the choice and the only one that counts is pro babies.You can guess what team I play for. Sorry for the rant.

Carry on.

1 comment:

My Little Corner said...

Oh I'm with you on that one.
women with out children miss out on so much - all those excuses for parties and presents and mother's day bonuses at stores and restaurants.....

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