Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you still there?

Hi Bloggy, I missed you. I am trying to take myself away from the computer and the tv here in the land of sun and old people. Did I mention it's been sunny?

I have tried to adapt to the people here. I only listen to big band music on the tv/stereo channel thingy. I went to the Just Friends cafe, Superman told me they were super nice there and would be all chatty and stuff. They weren't, but that's okay I don't need stories with my eggs.

I noticed a consignment shop across the street so after breakfast I popped in to have a look. I thought the shop was nice and very well organised. Having done consignment myself in the past I appreciated the way it was all done. It's not an easy job. There was a cute sign over the mirror by the fitting rooms it said Your Husband Called He Said Buy Whatever You Want. When I went to pay for my purchase I said to the lady that I thought it was a cute sign she said, "uh huh". I've run into a couple of the people living here during my comings and goings and even though I say Hi to everyone I'm lucky to get a nod in return. Oh well, they probably think I am going to have wild parties here and bring down the property values.

It's been interesting getting used to being alone so much. When I took myself out to dinner the other evening a couple of old gals came and sat by me. It was cute they ordered one meal to share and then had desert. The whole time they sat there speaking softly to each other and giggling. It made me think that I would probably be doing the same thing at that age. Hanging out with my BFF splitting hamburgers and giggling. Very sweet.
Yesterday the cat seemed a bit off. He's a big fat yellow tabby and it's not like he does much anyway. yesterday he did even less. Last night he was up to his shenanigans, clawing the rug and taking huge smelly shits in his litter box. This morning he went to the deck and started chawing down on a bean plant. Then the barfing started. I won't describe the sound but it took me awhile to figure out what i was hearing. He left me a couple of "parcels" and seemed a bit better. After I got out of the shower I couldn't find him. I looked everywhere and was starting to freak out. He couldn't get out of the apartment. I finally found him under the bed and he looked sad. He's finally come out and seems okay.
Is this normal cat behaviour??

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Big Girl Feet said...

our cats do that kind of stuff a lot- bucky especially- yesterday I heard him running around upstairs, then he comes sauntering down to the office, does a big barf in the middle of the floor, then goes flying back up the stairs- thanks buddy! Maybe it's an older cat thang...?

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