Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who's your daddy?

It's been a busy weekend already and we're not done yet. Friday evening we played the Country Fair in Surrey and all in all it was a lot of fun. The only thing country about it was us.
I find it really fascinating to watch how people react to live music at public events. At one point I had my camera onstage and I was snapping photos of the crowd. It reminds me that there are a LOT of people that never see live music, they don't go to clubs to catch their favourite band or they are too young to have experienced it.
At one point in the show I looked over and I saw this little guy had come up on the stage. Right away I thought there might be a problem. Superman once told a kid to get off the stage at a public event like this and was confronted by an angry parent who didn't like the way he talked to his kid. All he said was, "Get off the stage, kid". The kid wasn't upset but her Daddy was. The difference with the kid on stage this time was that he was just standing on the very edge and he never moved from that spot. He also had a little plastic guitar, and he was jamming with the band. I really think he thought he was playing, he was dead serious about the whole thing. It was pretty cute. And nobody got hurt...feelings.

Saturday was spent at a wake for a dear friend of ours who was taken from us after a really awful battle with cancer. He was way too young to go.
The wake was filled with friends, family, journalists and editors. It was just what I would want at my own wake. A bunch of people that knew me from all different aspects of my life telling stories and laughing at what a character I was. It was really beautiful, and a necessary part of dealing with a tragic death I think.
It was also a bit of a piss up and after many pints of beer and some single malt scotch in honour of our friend, we ended up at a barbeque joint drunk and hungry. Damn, we were hungry. There were four of us and we ordered some sort of platter with every kind of meat. I forgot to take a picture of the meal before we had a go at it but I found one online. The after picture was pretty gruesome.You may choose to look away if you are squeemish.
It started out looking like this- in no time at all it looked like this.
This morning we are thinking it wasn't such a great idea. It was pretty yummy though.
In a couple of hours we are off to the valley to spend the afternoon with my family and my wonderful Big Daddy.
Happy Father's Day Big Daddy!!!
...and all you other Daddies out there too!


Chrissandra said...

I just love reading your posts... they're colourful verbal artistry!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

awww thanks.

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