Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

OMG our apartment is HOT. Fourth floor, morning sun, no air conditioning. Right now it's ridiculous, the thermometer on the deck says it's over 50/120 degrees out there. The mercury is at the very top, when I was a kid I thought that it would explode out of the top just like in the cartoons. Just sitting here typing this is causing me to break a drippy sweat. Ugh.

Anyway, enough about that it's probably hot where you are too.

Yesterday was a great day. I came back to town from White Rock and we hit the very last of the season Rockabilly Jam at the world famous Railway Club and it was fabulous. All the scene-sters were there and much beer was consumed and great tunes played by some of Vancouvers best musicians. I got up with a couple of my BFFs and we pulled off a few big harmony singin' tunes with the band. I also got up with Superman and helped him rip off a pretty sweet set, lots of energy and the folks were digging it too.

The jam starts at 4:30 so by 8:30-9 pm we are usually spent and pretty loaded but this was to be one of those magical evenings that doesn't want to stop. A last minute invitation to a good friends house for more jamming, more drinking and more fun. There were 8 of us sitting in a beautiful back garden in East Van, playing music together, lots of guitars and even a stand up bass to make it all more magical.

You know, these things can't be planned, these moments of sharing music in a completely perfect environment with everybody having something of value to add to the sound and the experience. I'm talking about 4 part harmony that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Sad, lonely, love lost songs that bring a lump to your throat. Gospel songs about saying goodbye to your mother before the good Lord takes you home. Honky-tonk songs about forgetting to go home and choosing the booze the floozies and a pack of smokes over the one who's waiting for you at home...and Sunday Mornin' Coming Down. That song just speaks for itself. Whenever we sing it on a Saturday night I know I'm going to be feeling a little like that on Sunday morning. And I do.

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