Monday, June 30, 2008

Did you feed the cat?

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am house/cat sitting in White Rock while my MIL is abroad. I have been able to spend quite a bit of time here at the condo and a funny thing happened the other morning. I found some nice fresh LOCAL strawberries in the village and I bought a big basket. These were delicious strawberries, red all the way through juicy and sweet. I started cutting them up and realized I couldn't possibly eat them all. I decided to take the rest across the hall the the people who my MIL had arranged to feed the cat when I couldn't be here, let's call him Parquet.
I knocked on the door and the gentleman of the house opened the door and invited me in. I sat and visited with him for about 10 minutes. He told me some stories about his life, how he had worked as an electrical engineer in just about every corner of Canada. I enjoy visiting with old people sometimes, he is 86, let's call him Bill. One thing I started to notice almost right away was that he had a really hard time remembering things, he couldn't remember the name of one of his kids, it never did come to him.
Later that evening the lady of the house, let's call her Edna, called and apologised for forgetting to look after the cat. I told her there was no need for her to look in on him because I had been there the whole time. My MIL has already been gone a week. She asked me if he could come over and see where everything was so I took her through the process. I showed her where the food was and explained how much he was allowed to have, all the details. When she was in the condo she just started going from room to room and checking out the decor and commenting on the better view etc. I explained that wouldn't be needing her until the weekend and I would call her and let her know. Eventually, she left.
The next morning I am sleeping, like a baby. One thing I haven't mentioned is that it's just so quiet and the air so fresh, I am having some of my best sleeps ever. Anyway, I'm dreaming away when I hear the front door open and somebody walk into the apartment. I didn't panic or anything I just hollered out, "Hello!" It's Edna, she walks into the room I'm sleeping in, a very small room and stands there and asks me how I am, and sorry she forgot when she was supposed to feed the cat. "Not today, because I am here, I will call you when I need you . Thanks though." She then walked through my room into the sun room and started visiting the cat. She seemed a little confused but perfectly at home. Se walked back through my room stopped and talked to me again and finally decided to leave. I just lay in the bed, I couldn't move because of my pajamas problem. I don't wear them.
Edna was just supposed to feed the cat twice while I was back in the city. She went through at least double the amount of cat food she was supposed to feed him. Parquet is a fat cat and he ate too much. Now he has started barfing. Last night and just now.
I like cats way better when they are not barfing.
I hope he is okay.

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