Monday, June 2, 2008

Where in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty is an egg?

I just checked my facebook and there is an acquaintance on there who asked the question "Mr. Humorless Fuck*....wonders why any woman with a gram of intelligence/integrity would claim to relate to any of the characters in Sex in the City."

*not his real name.

Really! Do we have to defend everything we enjoy? How does relating to TV characters make us less intelligent or have anything to do with integrity?? I haven't seen the new movie yet but I am totally looking forward to it. Do I relate to any of the characters? Damn straight. Let's see, I live in a major city, I work in the fashion industry so I do actually get the fashion angle and yes I have spent way more than I should on shoes, drank too many martinis in an over priced bar and made poor decisions when it comes to men. I have a group of very close girlfriends, any one I could call right now and get the time of day about almost any issue I might have. Yes, we do talk about sex sometimes but recently found ourselves discussing how we work the household money when there are two of us and we don't bring home the same amount on our pay cheques. In the last little while we have also spent a lot of time discussing cancer, death, marriage, having babies, not having babies, fitness, depression, money, etc. Sometimes we are dressed up nicely when we discuss these things and sometimes we are in our track pants, or pajamas but if we were doing it on TV we would probably dress up more. We spend a lot of time laughing when we are together and as we get older we cry more too. The issues get heavier and more real and the shoes get less important. One thing for sure is we all have integrity and we all are intelligent people who may or may not enjoy Sex in The City but between all of the characters there is something almost anybody can relate too. Sure some of it is shallow and materialistic but so what. Intelligent women can tell the difference. As for Mr. Humorless Fuck, give us a break and stop taking yourself soooo fucking seriously. Don't worry, when we get together we're NOT talking about you. is that what really worries you?
I think statements like that really show a lack of respect for women and just reinforce the idea that beauty=stupid. And that TV shows are real.
You can be attracted to a woman who takes care of herself and puts some effort into her looks and also feel like she's lacking in integrity because she cares about how she looks. Or maybe you're hoping she's too stupid to notice that you are kind of a jerk.
I mean, have a great day!!
Alright, just for spite I have to ask- Which one of the characters from Sex in The City do you relate to the most?


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Barbara Jane

I'm a big fan of your blog but can you please switch back to the previous picture of you wich was much cuter?!

Chuckles said...

According to:
Sex and the City: The Four Women, the Four Elements
I am 50% Miranda, 30% Charlotte, 10% Carrie & 10% Samantha
(I think I could safely say it would have been quite different in my teens & 20’s (and possibly even my 30’s))

According to

Which Sex and the City Character are you?
You scored as a Charlotte York 92%

So who knows?

(How come every time I post it doesn't work until the second time I post? ) (Watch, now it will show up twice!)

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I think Superman is lurking.

Blonde Goddess said...

I took the sex and the quiz that chuckles posted and it said this...

80% Carrie
10% Miranda
10% Samantha


Blonde Goddess said...

let me rephrase that...I took the sex and the CITY quiz...HAHAHAHA

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Here's how I scored in the second one.
You scored as a Carrie
You are:
Miss Carrie Bradshaw, totally in love with all things fashion and fun. You try new things but always find yourself returning to the old. You're a city girl who can't imagine being anywhere then with her friends.

bodalorna said...

oh Shit!!!
Here's mine...
You scored as a Steve Brady
You are Steve Brady, sweet, funny and totally devoted to your partner. Whoever gets you is a very lucky person. You love romance and are really fun to be around. You commit completely to whatever is in your life.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Hey Steve!!
I love his character actually.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I felt the same way about our "friend"s comment on facebook...

I scored 40% Charlotte
30% Carrie, 20% Samantha and 10% Miranda - lol!

I'm also 92% Steve Brady and 83% Aidan Shaw.


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