Monday, June 2, 2008

if you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

Okay, so it took me all of Sunday to get over Saturday night. I'm not sure what that was about but man, I need to get into training if I want to keep up my regular summer drinking schedule. Summer is just around the corner after all and I can't be taking a whole day to get over one night of drinking.

I did manage to work out this morning so that's something. At the gym not the bar. It was hard. I haven't been doing it enough lately and I definitely felt it. We have a gym on each floor in the building we live in and that is so nice. It's just perfect for one person. It has a treadmill a stationary bike, a universal gym, free weights and one of those big balls. No excuses here. The only reason I don't work out every day is because I am a lazy, lame ass. There is no other reason and I can live with that. Soooo, today being Monday I am trying to start my week off right and get some damn exercise, eat some healthy meals and write here every day. Wow, it's good to have goals.

We have a nice flat screen TV in the gym too so I can watch whatever I want while I'm working out. This is a little embarrassing sometimes because people often walk by when I'm in there and I am not always proud of my viewing choices. Superman listens to Honky-Tonk Country Classics on the music channel while he works out. He listens to it LOUD too. It cracks me up because I always think about the next person coming in to the gym and switching on the TV only to have George Jones or Waylon Jennings singing about drinkin' and lovin'. I don't think ANY of that music was written to work out to. I, on the other hand have the TV tastes of a 14 year old boy. I love adult cartoons like The Simpson's and South Park and some of the newer ones like Frisky Dingo and Morel Oral. I enjoy Mad TV and Saturday night Live anything with a warning screen that comes on after the commercials. I realize I come by this the long way around, my family has always enjoyed this type of humour. I remember my brother and I saving up our money to buy Mad magazine and Cracked and Crazy too. I also remember staying up waaayy past my bedtime when I was pretty little to watch this new show called Saturday Night Live that my older brother had heard about. It was pretty cutting edge stuff back then. I would have been about 9 years old and my brother was 12ish. Oh well, just one more part of my goal to stay young and never completely grow up.

Another thing, how come every time I turn the TV on in the gym I have to change the ratio of the picture. Somebody always makes the picture go as big as it can go and everything looks all stretched out. I think some people just want to get there money's worth with those wide screens and fill up every space. Or maybe they just like working out and watching all the stretched out fat people on TV. Wow, that actually makes sense.

I know you thought I was going to ask you about your work out habits but trust me, I never will. Instead...

What's your favourite summer drink???

The one that you accidentally drink too much of and then fall down on. I myself am partial to a good Margarita and anything Martini makes me do crazy things.


bodalorna said...

rum and ginger beer with a twist of lime! yummmmmm

Chuckles said...

My favourite summer drink list is way too long, can I comment on my workout regime instead? I bought a WiiFit this past weekend and it totally rocks! and don't believe what Chantal Eustace said in the Vancouver Sun today, I was feelin' it then and I'm feelin' it now. There aren't too many reasons to set my alarm for 5:30 am but I did it today and ran out of time. I plan on setting the alarm for 5 am tomorrow. I'm going to try to succeed with this one!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

WiiFit !!!
I must try it.

Big Girl Feet said...

G&T or Pimms & Ginger- yum! Oh! Dominican (must be Dominican, no other tastes as good) rum & diet coke! or Mango Mojitos!
ooh boy I sound like a real lush don't I...

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