Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This bud's for who?

Get comfy now girls and boys, I want to tell you a story. This is a true story!
For years I played softball on a team that was sponsored by a local social/athletic club/bar. We were a close bunch and we would have these huge "wind-up" parties at the end of the season at a friends 5 acre ranch on The Sunshine Coast. We would all bring our tents and plan elaborate meals, play boccie ball and baseball and drink and smoke and generally have a great time at these long weekend piss ups. Good times.
One year a bunch of us had gone up on the early ferry to set up the camp and pick the best camp spots. The area that we camped on was about a third of the property but the only part that was cleared into a yard. A large part of the property was full of a local weed called Broom, it's kind of a straggly tree that gets brilliant yellow flowers in the spring and develops dry seed pods in the summer. The bushes were about 6 feet tall and had paths cut through leading to various areas on the property. Just after we had pulled into the yard to start setting up our tents and such a cop car drove into the yard and parked right in the area we were in, beside the brush. Our friend went over to talk to the two policemen who got out of the car, they spoke quietly and then the three of them started off into the brush without saying a word to anyone. We all stood there for about 10 minutes wondering what the hell was going on when all three of them walked out of the bush dragging these bushes.

Those are healthy 4 or 5 foot budding pot plants. British Columbia's finest bud.
Our friend was just laughing and we were all wondering what the hell was up because nobody seemed the least bit upset. It turned out that the mystery was ridiculously easy to figure out. Another part of the property had a trailer home on it that our friend rented to a local guy who's teenage son had recently come to live with. We made our way into the bush and followed a well trod path that veered off towards the back of the property. There was a clearing with about 20 garbage cans, each one sporting a big healthy plant. Then we noticed a garden hose trailing from the area and stretching all the way across the bush and ending up connected to the trailer that the kid lived in. I turns out weeks earlier everybody in the area had their garbage cans stolen off the street on garbage day. Everybody. This is in a pretty rural area, there are only houses on one side of the street and forest on the other. One morning, not a trash can in site. hmmmmm The police had seen the area with the plants from overhead when they were doing a fly-over, looking for grow ops I guess.
The cops dragged all of the harvested weed over to the car and started stuffing it into the trunk of their cruiser. This is what it looked like when they closed the trunk.

Yup! That's how they drove the car back into town. I love this picture. I have tried to protect the identity of everybody involved but I wish you could see the full expression on the uniformed cops face. It's priceless.

Well we had a good chuckle about the whole thing that's for sure. Later that evening the little prick that grew the weed came around and asked if anyone had any idea what had happened to his dope. We told him the cops came and cut it down. The kid was shitting full sized bricks. He left for a while and then he came back and asked if anyone had any proof of what had happened. It turns out that he was growing the weed for an associate who was not going to be so understanding about the missing plants. He was looking at an ass kicking for sure.

One of the guys there took the above pictures and after letting the kid sweat it out for a while finally emailed the picture to the kid so he could show it to his associate and avoid a spanking.

As far as I know, no charges were laid.

Only in BC.

I love that story.


Blonde Goddess said...

That's too funny. Great photo..I'm still laughing about the trunk of the car..LOL

Chrissandra said...

Yes, this is a FUNNY story!
(oh... and I love your orange tulip shot)

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Thanks Chris. They are poppies actually.

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