Sunday, June 1, 2008

did you get the number of that train?

Well, last nights gig went very well. The crowd was into it, lots of people we knew showed up too. That's always nice. The band was rockin' and tight and we all enjoyed ourselves. The train went by behind the band just when I sang the train song so I told everyone that we had planned it that way. A really good night all in all.
This morning is another story. I feel as though I might have actually been run over by that train. I've had 4 hours sleep and that Chinese food I ate at 2 am is giving me a tummy ache now.
Superman ran into a friend from waaay back and lamented on how he was getting so old. I tell him all the time he's better looking every year as a lot of men do tend to age well and get more handsome, in my opinion. Then he turned to me with our heads on the pillow and told me I looked beautiful. Right then, with 4 hours sleep and hung over and all. He said he thought I was aging very well. That means a lot because we have been together since I was in my early 20's, back when I had no wrinkles and was quite a bit *ahem* thinner. That's one of the reasons I want to marry Superman, he doesn't see so well in the morning. And the buns of steel, obviously.
Did you get the number of that train?


Blonde Goddess said...

Buns of steel are always a plus!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Yes, good for crackin' walnuts!

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