Friday, June 6, 2008

Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

I am at a loss this morning. It's down right cold in here and I wonder how we managed to get fall weather in spring. I'm having a hard time warming my brain up and writing something interesting.

Superman has become obsessed with my blog. I know, real writers and people who have been doing this before it was cool don't call it a blog. I call this a blog. Anyway, every time something even remotely interesting or funny or outrageous happens he asks me if I'm going to blog about it. When he misbehaves or acts like a jerk I warn him that I am going to blog about him. "I'm gonna say bad stuff about you on my blog." Then he quotes back nice things that I wrote about him. 'You said I was a lovely man."..and he is, when he's not being a jerk-ass.

Hi Honey! I know you're reading this.

Okay, how about a story?

When I was a really little kid I was obsessed with The Tommy Hunter Show.

"For 27 consecutive years on television "The Tommy Hunter Show" brought wholesome family entertainment into living rooms all across this great country.Whether they watched from a home on the rocky shores of Prince Edward Island, from a high rise apartment in downtown Toronto, or from a remote farm house on the Prairies, families came to know Tommy Hunter as a true friend. " They forgot to mention the Fraser Valley, British Columbia's Green Heart country suburbs. It was also the longest-running nationally-broadcast country music show in North America. (1965 -1992).

Tommy hunter really was my true friend. My Mother tells the story of how we would gather round the TV and devour The Tommy Hunter Show every week. I think it was on a weeknight and it went a little later than my official bedtime. The deal was when Tommy Hunter was over I had to go straight to be. I actually remember sitting with my nose up to the screen and when Tommy said "Good night everybody" I would say good night back and run to bed. I didn't need to be told twice.

Around this time my Dad worked as the assistant manager of Woolworth's department store. This was the only real department store in town and had been around for a long time. He also ran the sporting goods department there before he left and opened his own shop a few years later.

Anyway, it came to pass that Tommy Hunter was promoting a new album and was coming to Chilliwack to play and make some public appearances. My Mom and Dad told us we were going to get a chance to meet him in person and I was just so excited. I must have had a picture of him to sign or maybe a record but those things are long gone. Too bad. Tommy Hunter came to Woolworth's to meet the public an a Saturday afternoon and there were a lot of people there. I remember waiting for him and just being so excited to meet "Canada's Country Gentleman". I loved this man. When it was finally my turn to meet him, I walked up to him, he said hello and signed something for me and that was that.

My parents asked me what I thought about meeting Tommy Hunter. All I could say was, "That wasn't Tommy Hunter." They did everything they could to try and convince me but I was so sure I had been duped and all that waiting around was for nothing.

I think I was 5 or 6 and I guess without make-up and his fancy suit and guitar, and everybody looks taller on TV, or shorter, I don't know. He was just...different.

My Tommy Hunter was black and white. I didn't need to see him in colour with all his human qualities. I believe I chose to think that I never really met Tommy Hunter. Not my Tommy Hunter.

I still do love him.
Have you ever been disappointed meeting someone special in person?


Blonde Goddess said...

I remember my grandparents watching Tommy Hunter too! Living in northern Maine, a mere fifteen minute drive to Canada, we watched more Canadian television than American.
We got three channels, Channel 8,which was a combination of NBC,ABC and CBS programming, Public Television and Channel 6, out of St.John New Brunswick.
I was a HUGE fan of the Beachcombers. I watched it faithfully!
I'll have to think about some of the other shows I watched...I know there were more...

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Ahhh, The Beachcombers!! I could be at Molly's Reach in about an hour and a half from my house if I hit the ferry to The Sunshine Coast just right. Do you remember Mr. Dressup and The Friendly Giant?

My Little Corner said...

A couple of years ago my brother and I were flipping through one of my childhood photoalbums and there is half a ticket stub for the show! Cool! I wonder if it would be worth anything at all!

Excellent blog post!

I was an extra for Rocky IV and saw Syvester Stallone back stage (oh long story) and I was surprised to find out that he was shorter than me! That was disappointing - that and he was rather a jerk.....

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