Saturday, May 31, 2008

does that train still stop here?

The sun is shining this morning and trying to turn our apartment into an oven. We face east and get the full on morning sun. I have got to get some plants out there. I need to beautify the area so we can enjoy our time out there but I keep avoiding it for some reason. I guess I'm not that confident in my abilities when it comes to container gardening.
I woke up way too early this morning. I really could have used a couple more hours of sleep because I have a gig tonight and I know my head won't be hitting the pillow any time before 3 am. We are playing at one of Vancouver's more colourful and interesting east side bars. The Princeton is a lot of fun because it come with it's own special crowd of merry misfits. They always seem keen for a good time and everybody is really friendly. Usually. You get a lot of longshoremen and working class types, neighbourhood folks and happy drunks for the most part. Good people. The best part of playing at The Princeton is that the train yards are directly behind the pub and you can actually see the trains go by the window right behind the band during the show. I can't tell you how much I love this especially when we are playing one of our "train songs" or songs about trains. Mostly songs about taking someone you love far away from you. And one pleading for the train to bring my baby back to me. Anyway it's usually good fun with good friends so I am looking forward to it. I'll let you know how it all went.
Are you coming out tonight?

1 comment:

Chuckles said...

Wish I had been there Barbie, but it was my weekend with George and I was sick all week. Feeling much better now tho.
Catch ya next time!

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