Wednesday, May 21, 2008

who does your hair?

Soooo I did get my hairs cut today and it's pretty darn short. Not that I mind but she cut off all the highlights that were left and now I'm down to my natural colour- Field Mouse #5. I just happened to have a box of hair colour under my bathroom sink from my last home dye job a few years back and now it's on my head. I have a feeling it's not going to do much because it's not burning my scalp. Maybe just change it to Field Mouse #3. I'll keep you posted.
I have been bleaching my hair to platinum blond off and on for years and the stupid thing is, I never remember what I used to get the right colour. I usually end up at Shoppers Drug Mart late at night in a hat trying to figure out a formula. The last time I bleached my hair it involved an emergency phone call to my neighbour, the bald hairdresser and a late night delivery of professional strength chemicals. You would think I'd learn, by the time I get it right it would cost me less to get it done by a professional. But I don't learn.
I just had a look at my hair, I've still got 10 minutes to go and it looks like it is lightening up. Aw Geez! I'm thinking I'll end up with a sort of butterscotch colour, if I'm lucky. I have a feeling I'll be hitting the drug store before the night is over. The anticipation is killin' me.
Stay tuned for the outcome.

1 comment:

bodalorna said...

so...what colour is your hair this morning? enquiring minds need to know! funny girl:)

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