Friday, May 23, 2008

did owls and pigeons call a truce?

I live in a brand new 4 story apartment building with a little problem.

The pigeon is a common sight in urban areas ranging from small rural hamlets to large metropolitan cities. Historically, pigeons are descendants of the rock dove and were brought into the country by early immigrants.
The largest problem that pigeons cause is the tremendous amount of feces they produce. Accumulation of the feces may pose a health hazard to the general public. The fecal composition is acidic and occasionally erodes metal and stonework.
In many cases, pigeons present problems in and around the home. Permanent control of the pigeon is not possible because these birds have adapted to stress and the many sources of food made available to them in the urban environment. The most effective control available is the alteration of their environment.

Soooo.... The fantastic people who keep this building running smoothly have taken this problem on as there personal missions. We have spike strips, they make sure there is no food or roosting material anywhere on site and we can't forget the plastic owls. We probably have at lease 30 plastic owls strategically placed around the building.

Recently we couldn't help but notice that our deck was turning into a shit factory meeting place. Oh, they don't just shit, although they do a LOT of that, they also court and mate. This seems to involve a lot of chasing back and forth, it kind of looks like one of those shooting games at the midway. Back and forth, back and forth. Also, and this may be seagulls, someone has been dropping body parts of other animals onto our deck. So far there has been a raw, picked clean chicken back and some part of a crab or lobster. Gross!
We thought it might be time to get our own owl so I mentioned it to the building manager and a couple of days later I came home to this creepy looking owl. His head moves in the wind like a bobble head and it always seems to be backwards, and looking at me.
The pigeon problem is almost completely cleared up but every morning I watch this one pigeon land a couple of feet away from the owl, stand and look at him for a few minutes and then walk right around him. I think they are on to us.
Have you ever had to get rid of wildlife that was encroaching on your domain?

1 comment:

Big Girl Feet said...

A: Yes, the damn seagulls at our old apartment bldg screeching at 3 am everyday right above our bedroom window. Bastards are protected too, apparently the Queen calls them her bird. I didn't think she would miss 3 or 4 of them, our council didn't either and they went & kicked their nests right over the edge of the bldg- shhh the queen might hear....

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