Tuesday, May 20, 2008

is it time to wash the sheets?

I woke up just before 7 this morning, took a deep breath and realized that my bed smelled like a used jock strap. (I'm guessing here) It smelled like a sweaty boy. My guy refuses to sleep naked unless I render him thus and just hunkers down under that down comforter and sweats out all his toxins. It drives me crazy because my side smells like flowers and sugar cookies and his smells all sour and assy. I'm not all crazy about changing my sheets every 2 days like Oprah although I would if someone else was changing my sheets. I don't do it once a week either because I get really attached to the bedding I am using and usually wash and put it back on the bed in the same day and I need a full day at home to do the job. Even though I have a nice set of bamboo sheets that are quite lovely I recently bought 800(!!) count sheets and now I feel like a princess. I mean, how dare he stink up those nice sheets. So now I feel like I have to splash out another chunk of money for a summer weight quilt and a nice silk or bamboo cover. I am turning into a fucking princess in the bedroom, I swear. Today I cleaned up my clothing carpet, vacuumed and washed the floor and found a new place for the bed. Now there is more room and we both have access to a window that opens for individual comfort. When he came home from work and saw it he panicked because it's different but then said he would have to get used to it because I was in charge of such things. He's learning!
That reminds me of a funny story. My Mom used to rearrange, tidy and organise all the time. She was a stay at home Mom and she always said she was never bored for one minute, she truly felt that running the household was her full time job but it was probably more like two full time jobs. Anyway, my Dad was in the habit, in the old days of going out for a few drinks with the boys after his softball games or such and I think Mom was probably a little pissed off and decided to rearrange the bedroom. Dad came home late and drunk and probably thought he could sneak into bed and she would never know what time he got in. He went to sit on the bed to take off his socks and slip into bed in the dark. Of course he ended up on his ass because Mom had moved the bed. He fell hard as one would, thinking you were going to land on a nice soft bed and finding nothing but hard floor. I don't think she ever let him forget that one we laugh every time she tells it. I love that story.
Today I am a domestic goddess! I cleaned everything and made a healthy, yummy dinner too. When I got back from my walk after dinner the dishes were all done. Niiice.
Tomorrow is hump day, not for me mind you. I don't have a real hump day, I like all the days but maybe I will get humped. That'd be okay too. ;-)

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