Thursday, May 29, 2008

don't it make my brown eyes blue?

When I was little I took baton lessons. I also took tap. Tap never did stick with me but baton stuck with me for a number of years. We would learn short routines and eventually we would be required to perform at old folks homes. I was just a little girl, maybe 5 or 6 and we would go to these funny smelling places full of old, sick people. Picture the place that Grandpa Simpson lives and you would be pretty close. The only routine I remember was a sort of sexy routine to the tune The Alley Cat Song, or something like that. I mean the old folks always seemed pretty happy to see us but I think anything would have been a good diversion. It didn't really look like a fun place to be. I remember feeling a lot of anxiety about performing there, I really wanted to do a good job and remember the routines. Looking back I think the anxiety came from the bleak, scary living conditions I witnessed.
The only other time we performed was in the Chilliwack Country Living Parade. That's where the above photo was taken. I wore many costumes for these parades but my favourite was the one pictured above. I don't have to tell you why do I? I mean the skirt was made of white shimmy fringe and there were sequins AND a cowgirl hat!! I remember how hard it was to march and remember the routine for several miles and I remember that it almost always rained. In retrospect I think it was a great training ground for the performances I do now. When I am on stage these days I still want to do a good job even if the audience smells funny and doesn't always understand why I am there. It's my duty. I just want to be a good little cowgirl. I just want to entertain you and if I have to wear a cute little outfit to do it. So be it.
Do you remember your first "performance"?

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Chrissandra said...

GREAT post! You're so cute! I remember taking baton lessons too - didn't like ti that much tho! ;)

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