Wednesday, May 28, 2008

why won't he notice me?

So, I'm sitting here this morning with my morning cereal, catching up on my favourite blogs when I notice this scene. I'm pretty sure she's a female pigeon and she's making the wooo-hooo sound so I think she' just trying to get the attention of some male pigeons. Then I notice her making her moves, ON MY PLASTIC OWL! This owl was designed to scare pigeons away but apparently, for some girls, it just makes him sexy as hell. Now this actually makes a lot of sense to me. I am surprised no one has thought about it. Let's look at the facts, he's bigger than the males she's used to, he holds a position of authority, he's supposed to be mean and her Momma says he's no good but he's never actually done anything except give her long meaningful looks. I mean he hasn't actually eaten or killed anything nor have his gang of friends situated around the building caused any real harm to the pigeon population. And, well, he's just soooo badass. wooo-hooo!

Do you think it could work out?

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