Thursday, May 22, 2008

didn't you used to be famous?

When my Mom and Dad were newly married they used to take trips to Reno with some older friends to gamble and see shows. One time my Dad was sitting at a bar in a casino and Fats Domino came and sat beside him. They had a drink and made some small talk. When my Mom came to join my Dad he told her he was sitting with Fats Domino, my Mom didn't know who he was but she still got him to sign the inside of her white clutch purse. She used to show it to me. I wonder whatever happened to that purse.
When I was 15 I went to Hawaii with my best friend and her family. One afternoon we were visiting an art gallery in one of the big hotels. All of a sudden my girlfriend became really excited and started pointing out this guy across the gallery. He was really handsome and was wearing sweats, I remember he had sand on his ass. I had no idea who he was. My girlfriend sure did though, it was Rick Springfield, he was on All My Children at the time and had just released Jessie's Girl. I didn't watch that soap and I didn't like that song but once she told me who he was I was pretty excited too. Her Mom noticed what was going on and she asked him if "her girls" could have a picture taken with him. we were so embarrassed, we were wearing matching shirts, mine was blue and white striped and hers was pink and white striped. He was really nice about it, put an arm around each of us and smiled. The photo turned out pretty good except my mouth is all distorted like I'm talking or something. We got back from vacation and showed the picture to some friends and somehow it ended up in the high school annual. I was always just a little embarrassed by it.
I have a new rule for my blog.
Every day asks a question. If you are reading I hope you will try to answer it in the comments section.
Have you ever met anyone famous?
Do tell.

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Big Girl Feet said...

A: Does Mickey Mouse count? :))

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