Monday, May 26, 2008

do you want toast with that?

This is a picture of an underwater scene made entirely of butter. The sign actually said "edible" butter. As opposed to modelling butter I guess. I went to the EAT! Vancouver show at BC Place on Sunday. I arrived hungry and I left full but it was a funny feeling because I got full one bite at a time. Totally full in my tummy from samples. I mean, was it the many, many things I ate smeared on a cracker or crisp bread? Maybe that very small piece of raw fish in some sort of sauce? Maybe it was the four carefully paired small blocks of cheese that matched perfectly with the yummy BC wines? The Belgian waffle? I also ate a small tortilla wrapped pulled pork concoction and a little bowl of Tortilla Soup to name a few. All in all it was a weird and wonderful day. Not to mention the swag! A fly swatter, a bottle opener shaped like a little guy, a pen, toothpaste, a box of Uncle Ben's rice, a cookie, a tea bag a men's disposable razor and a ladies disposable razor named after Suzi Quatro. These razors have 4 blades each AND they are disposable!? Call me crazy but my legs have never been smoother.
There was so many new and wonderful foods and products I had never seen before.
Some of the newest things in my kitchen??? Kashi GoLean cereal and sprouted mixed beans, and I've switched to 1% milk.
What's the newest, yummy, healthy food you've started eating?

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