Monday, September 22, 2008

Did you see that?

I just don't know why I am having such a hard time blogging these days. It's all part of the shift I suppose. I am concentrating on working out and eating well and I feel like those things are going pretty good. Work is going full on and a lot of interesting things are happening so that's all good. I need to keep the creative side of me engaged. After a long break I have my first gig in ages coming up next week and I am feeling so ill prepared. I need to change the strings on my mandolin and do some practicing to get my chops even somewhat up to speed. The picture above is from a birthday party I went to on Saturday night for a dear friend. It was great fun. Kind of a last hurrah for all the partying and drinking I have been doing this summer. There have been so many good times but I think that fall is bringing a healthier less over indulging time for me. That's the plan anyway.
I'm not sure why I get orbs in my nighttime indoor pictures all the time. I can see a few in the above picture but some of them are really big. I always thought that orbs were souls from the spirit world moving around our environment.
I think my camera sees dead people.
Will try to blog better from now on.
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1 comment:

Big Girl Feet said...

Believe me i know how hard it is to blog regularly... :))
but do keep it up, I love reading about your adventures and hearing about all the new things you're doing and trying and all...!! :))

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