Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who loves the sun?

Wednesday morning Lorna and I made our way over to Granville Island and took a brisk walk
on the seawall. It was so beautiful. This is my favourite time of year and the weather has been so perfect this week.
Note to self: maybe this is a good time of year to get married???
After our walk we grabbed a bite to eat and sat outside n the little public harbour area to eat it. The crowds of people were more seniors than anything else what with the kiddies back in school. Granville Island has a real issue, as far as I am concerned, with birds. Dirty, unhealthy, moochie pigeons, seagulls and even geese sometimes. They are aggressive, they shit everywhere and they will try to dive bomb you with poop if you're not careful. The worst part is they have no fear of people so they come right up to you begging for food. The most persistent pigeon yesterday only had one foot and came limping over looking for food over and over again. It was pretty creepy. The thing that gets me is how many people sit there and feed them. How can they think that they are doing those birds any favours? These birds are not healthy and are missing out on the nature that surrounds them. It makes me sad.
I like birds when they are doing their thing in nature but when they start relying on us for greasy french fries to live on they seem more like vermin to me.

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