Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seconds anyone?

Last night we had fresh bratwurst sausage from the market downstairs. We also had mushroom risotto and green beans. I am a big believer in presentation and what I was really going for was a cheerful meal because sometimes I think sausage can look a bit sad. Our meal was rather mirth-y, but good.
Today I went to the farmer's market and drank in the beauty of some gorgeous Fall harvest. I love this time of year for corn and potatoes and fresh tomatoes that are coming in late. I bought some sweet potato and an orange skinned melon and the prettiest little tomatoes. I served them just like the picture above with a bit of fancy salt some chopped green onion and some olive oil. They tasted really sour, we didn't eat them so I stuck them in a baking tray with some more olive oil so I can roast the sweetness out of them. I will throw them in tomorrows dinner or make a pasta sauce with them.
I baked the sweet potatoes and I am roasting an acorn squash with a bit of butter and brown sugar right now. I plan to add them in to dishes over the next few days.
I love summer's harvest of fruit so much but it's the Autumn harvest that I enjoy cooking with the most. It's finally cool enough in here to leave the oven on for long enough to roast meat and veggies.


Yesterday Lorna and I drove her 90 year old Grandma from Vancouver to Chilliwack. I sat in the backseat of the car and listened to the sweet sound of this old, dear woman and I heard the accent of my Grandma, my Mother's Mother gone for many years now. They were close friends.
The sun was shining on my face and as I tried to stay awake and listen to her soothing voice I felt the valley I grew up in surround the car, and me, and I was transported.
It was a clear sunny, lush fall day, blue sky, impossibly green fields and chocolate cows laying in the open. Lazy cows, full of grass, making the most of it.
The mountains seemed to rise up around me and cradled me and I remembered how pretty it all was, the valley I grew up in.
It was bliss.


bodalorna said...

OK you! That was such a nice thing you wrote about our road trip with grandma - my eyes are all tearing up! I'm always happy to share my grandma with you, my friend. You also brought back nice memories for her of our other grandma.

My Little Corner said...

1. Your bratwurst presentation is absolutely adorable! So cute and creative!
2. Your fall fruit looks scrumptous and even _looks_full of nutrition!
3. I love your story of your trip with Lorna's Grandma. What a beautiful memory, one that you can visit anytime you want. You are so fortunate to not only have that experience but also to be able to appreciate the experience. (I think I'm a bit envious, so thank you for sharing)

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