Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's your baby?

I just hooked up with an old friend from high school that I used to sing with.
Facebook has it's moments, that's for sure.

She's raising baby and I'm raising Cain.

More and more women my age are having their first babies. I noticed it when I went to my highschool reunion a few years back. Some of the gals were almost done raising kids, the girls who had their babies early, right out of school. Others were just starting their families, in their late 30's second marriages for some, finally finding the time for others.

We made the decision not to have kids a long time ago. It's a choice we are pretty happy with and at the time it was based on the fact that I would probably have been one of those hard to get knocked up types that would have needed a certain amount of medical intervention and would have ended up with sextuplets. Oh, there are many reasons we are childless, most of them good. So here I am, 40 something and in good company as most of my friends have chosen not to have kids too. Bless the one's who have, I love being an Auntie and will become one again in a few weeks. Regrets? Not so far.

I love kids. I just can't eat a whole one.

Right now it's no kids, no pets, nothing tying us down. It's good to remember that and feel the freedom even if we don't choose to do anything about it right now.

For those of you out there starting families now I say good for you. You will no doubt be wiser, calmer more experienced in life and secure parents. Or not.


Big Girl Feet said...

We don't have babies either. I like them, just don't want any of my own.
Our cat is kinda like a fur baby, though you can leave him by himself overnight with no worries, send him outside to pee, and feed him once a day and he's good to go.

My Little Corner said...

Yup it's a very personal choice and any choice you make it the right one for you and no one gets to judge it.
1 in 10 Canadian Women over 35 are having their first baby and doctors say there are many healthy moms in their 40's having kids. However, somedays I'm kinda tired and I'm glad I don't have to run after a toddler on those days, you know?

My Little Corner said...

BTW those kiddie graphics are freakin' hilarious!

And I like your new header photo, although it makes me giggle as JP and his sister like to say it in a naughty pervy way.....so I always thinks of them snickering over the word (is that where you grew up - I don't mean to insult you)

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

heehee yes, I am from around there and no, I am not the least bit offended. I never even noticed it was strange until Superman pointed it out and started saying it was MY favourite road.
I thought the kiddie graphics were funny too.

Anonymous said...

Iam glad I had kids. ly Barbie.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I've always admired couples who make that decision and stick with it rather than caving to pressures to start a family, then would feel resentful afterwards. Good for you!

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