Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why so Crabby?

Yesterday was a special day. My parents had to come into town for a medical appointment and because it's close to my birthday and they still hadn't seen our new apartment, we had some catching up to do. They met me at the shop and I was able to look after Moms birthday present pretty quickly. Her birthday isn't until October but now my ass is covered and she found something she really liked so I'm happy about that. After checking out the shop we came up to our apartment and I had a chance to show them around the building. Mom was really impressed by the roof top garden brimming with tomatoes and cucumbers, herbs, beans and corn.

I had also shined the place up pretty good and it's still nice and clean this morning. I love waking up to a clean house. My parents would never care if my house was clean or messy but for some reason I consider it the benchmark for clean and tidy, "parents coming to visit" clean. It's a standard that I put on myself and I have to say, I dealt with a bunch of crap that needed dealing with and the place is feeling pretty good.

After a drinky and a visit at our place we planned to go for a special late afternoon early evening dinner and Dad chose The Boathouse in Richmond. After an incredibly complicated drive we finally found the entrance to the restaurant. Turns out it was "Crab Fest", or "Crabtastic Extravaganza" or "Stuff yourself with Crab" or something like that. So we did.

I enjoy my parents so much. We had a great visit and a great meal and always seems too short. I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my parents. I'm not just saying that because my Mom reads my blog.



My Little Corner said...

Oh you fooled me with that titl! Good one!
Love your kitchen and glad you had a nice visit with you parents.!

Anonymous said...

I loe you Barbie mom.

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