Friday, September 19, 2008

What's your favourite kitchen gadget?

I just finished my last workout for the week. I made it through the whole week and I am feeling pretty good about that. I know I am working as hard as I can and I look forward to seeing results in the coming weeks. After today's session we had a talk about food and eating and such. Nothing too "diet-y" just, you know, try to eat 5 times a day, small meals, protein at every meal. Some suggested meals were discussed and they all sound pretty do-able. When I got home I was hungry all right. Hmmmm what to eat. How about a cup of coffee and a slice of last nights pizza?

*sigh* goal for the weekend: buy better food.

On a slightly different but related topic. I think that of all the kitchen gadgets I have, and there are many, my George Foreman Grill is the most used and most useful. Seriously, I just heated up a slice of pizza in it because it was already sitting on the counter. I thought it would just make a huge mess but it worked really well. Everything got really crunchy and the cheese was melty but not messy. Very nice I must say.

I have other kitchen gadgets that work quite well but I just don't bother to use them much. There's not much that a knife and a cutting board can't do in the time I find, dig out, and set up my gadgets.

I have an apple peeler that works pretty well if I need a lot of apples done at once, it also comes with a corer/slicer, I haven't used it in years.

My favourite is the ROTATO! Peels potatoes like nothing else. Again, I only use it if I need to do a bunch but I find it very useful and somewhat entertaining. In fact, the last time I agreed to do the mashed potatoes for a potluck dinner I just brought the Rotato and a bag of spuds and entertained all the guests with my wizardly peel-y machine. People were lining up to try it out and I hardly had to do anything.

I also have a Rocket Chef. It's basically a hand cranked food processor. It's not a bad gadget but I rarely use it, too many bits and pieces. I do love the chrome dome styling of the thing and kept it out in my old place (bigger kitchen) just because I thought it looked really cool.

That's about it for my gadgets.

Have you got a favourite kitchen toy?


Big Girl Feet said...

I don't have a fave gadget but I do love a good quality big sharp knife, it makes such a difference....!!
and yay you for workouts- you go girl!!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

It's true what they say about a dull knife being dangerous. I love big, sharp knives. heh he
Yes, yay for workouts. Thanks!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't keep much on the countertop if I can help it (don't even have an electric can opener, I use a manual one that is hidden in a drawer). But, I do love my KitchenAid Professional HD bowl lift stand mixer. I don't use it that often, but it looks fabulous (I got the red one!). :-)

I'd use my Foreman grill more often if it was easier to clean. I guess I'll need to buy one of those newer types with the removable, dishwasher safe grills.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

It would be much better if they were easier to clean, that's for sure. I just have a toaster out, not room for much more. I would, however find a place for one of those KitchenAid Professional HD bowl lift stand mixers. I think they are so beautiful. I promise I would use one if I had it.

bodalorna said...

my turquoise toaster rocks!

Carol Browne said...

Rotato! I gotz one, too. I love it. It works well on apples. Not good on peaches :-(

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