Monday, September 8, 2008

"Does she... or doesn't she?

Hair color so natural only her mother knows for sure!"
I had another hair-do on Friday and today it is acceptable. Yes, it actually does take 3-4 days to get my hair the way I want it.
I thought I would cut to the chase this time and get my colour done professionally. I love the cut, it's super short, but the colour, as always, was a challenge. I walked out of the salon a lovely shade of apricot. I wasn't sure if it was that bad, we wanted it to have a blond colour but every time I get my hair blonded it goes apricotty, or "brassy" as the broads at the beauty parlour used to say.
I lighten my hair all the way to almost white, it's the toning part that I find tricky. Heck, even the professionals get it wrong almost every time. There are gold tones and the ash tones and a million different shades between all with fancy pretty names like Linen and Beach and Champagne and Honey. They also come in foams, creams, gels and have different applicators and some are temporary some are semi-permanent and some are permanent. Some add colour and some take it away. I find it very confusing!
After two more boxes of hair colour I am about 95% happy with the colour. I ended up using a super light ash blond and it seems to have taken all the apricot out but added a little too much ash. I was getting the blue haired lady look when I washed it off. It was more like a soft mauve colour actually. Once I dried it and saw the real colour, it wasn't toooo bad. I got back in the shower and shampooed twice, mega conditioned it and it looked a bit better. This morning I washed it again and most of the unwanted colour is gone. It's more of a platinum blond I guess. I like it but like always it will be at it's best in a week or two when the roots start coming in.
I've chosen a periodically complicated hairstyle that spend the rest of the time being really easy to care for and that mostly looks neat and tidy all day. My "natural"hair is baby fine, totally straight and a mousy colour so I need to do something.
I have had some amazing colour fuck ups in my time and some really bad haircuts too. I've worn my hair a bunch of different ways. When I was little my Mom grew my hair long, I think my Dad liked it that way. Most little girls have long hair don't they? When I was 2 or 3?? I got a pixy cut because my hair was really hard to comb out and I remember waking up with hair that resembled a big nest sticking out of the back of my head. I think we called it a rat's nest. I'm sure it was a lot of work for my Mom to deal with every day and although I don't remember getting the haircut I remember loving my pixy cut. So I'm back to the pixy cut, the short, super blond haircut of my childhood. I just realized it now.
I went back to long hair in the 70's , perms in the 80's, non-symmetrical haircuts and my personal hell, feathering. When I think of the HOURS I spent trying to feather a head of hair that would only curl on one side...
I'm sure my Mom remembers some of these things better than me, she has a great memory. I'll talk to her and see if I got any of it right. I will also post a picture as soon as I get it right.

Tell me about your hair-do or your hair- don't?

1 comment:

tiff said...

Hair don'ts?

I don't get my hair professionally cut. I don't get it professionally colored.

This is ahy I'm a no-style brassy headed fool. Honestly, it'd probably look so much better if I took care of it, but I'm so daggoen lazy that ain't ever going to happen. I simply call myself a hippe, then pull the mess back into a ponytail and hope for the best.

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