Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recovered yet?

Gosh, I am so behind here. It's been days since I updated and I am feeling all out of sorts about it. I have been super busy since Friday and I've really had a lot of fun.

Friday was my birthday and Saturday was my birthday party. I have to say of all the birthdays I have spent as an adult this was probably the best. Maybe it was the full moon or the beautiful weather, I just don't know, but there was something magical in the air all weekend. Maybe it's all the online social networking that I do now but man, the whole world checked in and said Hi or showed up and partied with me this year. Fun!

I feel very grateful this year. I feel loved and appreciated and cared about.

I am a lucky woman!!

Monday was a whole different bag. Let's just say I started my morning work outs with the trainer. Detoxifying to say the least. I don't actually feel too bad today, just a little sore all over. Back at it tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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